July 4, 2014

Use Your TimeTrade Calendar as a Web Form Thank You Page

Scenario: You send traffic to a landing page with an Infusionsoft web form, and when a visitor completes that form you want them to schedule an appointment via your TimeTrade appointment service.

What’s the best way to do that?

First of all, you definitely prefer to not require your visitor enter their information twice – they filled in their details on your web form….  If you make them do it again at the Scheduling website then they’ll be perturbed, and worse, they’ll often change something – use a different email address, for example.

Secondly, it is best if they are sent directly to your TimeTrade calendar after submitting the form, and not stop first at a “Thank You” page where they need to click again to go to your calendar.

Both objectives are possible to achieve.

For the first objective you must know how to build a link to your TimeTrade calendar so that the contact details are pre-filled. See this post for that.

For the second objective, you need to use an advanced technique when you create your Infusionsoft Web Form’s Thank You Page: an HTML snippet.  The HTML snippet will be setup with a short piece of Javascript code that will first allow Infusionsoft to fill the merge fields in your Appointment URL and then immediately redirect the page to the address of your appointment calendar.

Here’s the steps for TimeTrade users:

  1. Create a “Submits a Web Form” goal and on the “Thank-you Page” tab choose the “Thank-you Page” option.
  2. You now have a page template to edit as you wish. Choose the “Snippets” tab and drag an <HTML> snippet on to the page.
  3. Edit the HTML snippet and insert the following code:
    <script language=”javascript”>
        window.location.href = ‘’
    Note that the URL portion of that code is your Appointment Link with the pre-filled contact information included. Replace the XXXXX with the code from your TimeTrade appointment link.
  4. Save the HTML snippet.
  5. You should also provide a clickable link visible on the Thank-you Page as a fall-back in case the redirect does not work.

That’s the steps. Now when a visitor submits your form they will be sent to the Infusionsoft Thank-you Page and immediately redirected to your TimeTrade calendar. The redirect should be so fast that they won’t even notice it.

(Full Slate users: You can use the Javascript code to redirect your Thank-you page to your Full Slate calendar, but there is no method to pre-fill the contact details for your website visitor)

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