May 7, 2014

Pre-Fill Your Client’s Info at TimeTrade

Here’s a quick tip I’ve found very useful when I give my clients a link to set up an appointment with me at TimeTrade. (This capability is not available with Full Slate).

I pre-fill the client’s Name, Email and Phone Number fields in the form they see at the TimeTrade page. See this support article for more information.

For example, here’s the underlying link I would send you if you requested a Free Consultation with me:

(Make sure to replace ZQYSN with your own TimeTrade Activity code)

The capitalization in that URL link must be followed exactly as shown.

This technique increases the chance your client will complete the process of setting the appointment, and it reduces their chances of inputting incorrect info.(Unfortunately, this technique may not work for you if you use TimeTrade WorkGroup)

Where can you use this technique?

You can use this anywhere you have access to merge fields in Infusionsoft, including:

  • When you create an email in a Campaign
  • When you create a Thank You page for a Web Form or a Landing Page in a Campaign. In this case you can place a TimeTrade link on your Thank You page, and include the full URL as described above.

The last bullet above is important. When you create a Web Form goal or Landing Page goal in Campaign Builder, you have an option for creating the Thank You page.  If you want to pre-fill the TimeTrade page using merge fields then you cannot provide the TimeTrade link as the URL for your Thank You page. Instead, you have 2 options:

  • Create an Infusionsoft hosted Thank You page and on that page you can add the TimeTrade link with the additional parameters, and include an explanation for your customers to click the link to set the appointment, or
  • Use the technique explained here.

Thanks again, and your feedback on TimeFusion is always welcome!

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