June 12, 2014

Google Calendar – Disabling the “Video Call” default

Many TimeFusion users use Google Calendar as their master calendar. If you’re one of them then you probably noticed the new “Video Call: Join Meeting” feature that has been added to appointments.

When an appointment is set through TimeTrade or Full Slate then there’s no problem – the appointment confirmation is sent to the attendee from those services.

But if you sometimes set appointments directly on your Google Calendar and then invite attendees via Google, then the “Video Call: Join Meeting” feature is exposed. This feature can be very confusing because it implies to your attendee that the appointment is going to include a video call even when that is not your intent. For that reason, you may want to disable the default display of that option.

This blog entry by Geoff McQueen does a nice job of explaining how to change the default without disabling the feature. Follow the instructions there and you should be all set.

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