May 7, 2014

Embed TimeTrade on your Website

Here’s a quick tip you may find useful…

One problem with TimeTrade is the appointment link sends your prospects to TimeTrade’s website to schedule the appointment. It would be better to do the appointment setting within your website.

You can do that with iframes.

Use this tag on a web page to put the TimeTrade scheduler window right inside your website:

<iframe width=”750″ height=”600″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

And replace the XXXXX with the Activity ID found in the link you’re currently giving to your prospects. Here’s an article that discusses that approach:

(Note, you may wish to disable the TimeTrade Welcome Screen when you use this technique. That way the Calendar view will be visible directly on your website. To disable the Welcome Screen for a TimeTrade Activity please login to TimeTrade and select the Activity on the left. Then edit the Activity Details. The check box for disabling the Welcome Screen is on the second page, after you click “Next”.)

This technique encourages your prospect to hang around and consider more of your offerings after they’ve set the appointment.

Thanks again, and your feedback on TimeFusion is always welcome!

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