May 7, 2014

TimeFusion and Infusionsoft Sync App

I want to provide a quick answer to a question you may or may not be thinking – Do TimeFusion and the Infusionsoft Sync App peacefully coexist?


First let me say I use both Apps and encourage others to do the same. And this works well because TimeFusion and Infusionsoft Sync have no over-lapping functionality.  Yes – they coexist just fine!


Infusionsoft Sync for Google includes an optional feature that does a 1-way sync from Infusionsoft Calendar to Google Calendar. Events originated in your Google Calendar are not synchronized into the Infusionsoft Calendar, unless you use the Infusionsoft Sync sidebar to create the event.


And TimeFusion is a 1-way sync from TimeTrade into Infusionsoft Calendar, and it works at the same time that TimeTrade installs events into your main calendar, be it Outlook, iCal or Google.


Here’s an interesting scenario: What if you have both TimeFusion and Infusionsoft Sync for Calendar, and you have TimeTrade set up to work with your Google Calendar? Yes, this works, but there is a slight anomaly.


The anomaly is this: TimeTrade will install the new event into Google Calendar and TimeFusion will install the new event into Infusionsoft Calendar, and then a few minutes later Infusionsoft Sync will copy the event from your Infusionsoft Calendar into your Google Calendar. So a single event will now show up twice, scheduled at the same time on your Google Calendar. Your Infusionsoft Calendar will continue to show the event once.


Warning – If this scenario happens to you do not delete one of the duplicate events on your Google Calendar. If you delete the event that was sync’d over from Infusionsoft then nothing bad should happen, but if you delete the event that TimeTrade installed then the entire appointment will be cancelled and your client will be notified.


Two more quick items to note: 


  • For TimeFusion Standard, Pro and Unlimited users the Goal Triggering functionality of TimeFusion is not impacted by Infusionsoft Sync. Goal Triggering will continue to operate as expected.
  • The Apppointment Slots feature in Google Calendar is not a viable replacement for TimeTrade because it requires your client to also be a user of Google Calendar.


Thanks again, and your feedback on TimeFusion is always welcome!

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