Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several frequently asked questions that we run into pretty regularly. Have one you don’t see here? Go ahead, ask away!

TimeFusion FAQ

Read First: Don’t be confused by the naming similarity: TimeFusion is not affiliated with TimeTrade. TimeFusion works behind the scenes to integrate your TimeTrade appointments with Infusionsoft, and also does the same for Full Slate too.

What is the most frequent problem?

The most common problem encountered by TimeFusion Standard, Pro, Unlimited and Messenger users is when the Activity Names in TimeTrade get modified and the corresponding values in TimeFusion or Infusionsoft are not updated. Please check to make sure your Activity Names are correctly configured between TimeFusion and TimeTrade and Infusionsoft.

For Unlimited, another very common problem is not capitalizing the Goal Integration value: These values are ‘Confirm’ ‘Reschedule’ and ‘Cancel.’

How can I test the Timetrade - TimeFusion - Infusionsoft integration?

Testing your TimeFusion setup is simple.  Use your Timetrade Activity Link to open the Timetrade appointment booking page. Proceed to book an appointment and fill in your contact details and a valid email address.

Once you have completed booking in Timetrade, wait a few minutes for the syncing to occur. Then open your Infusionsoft account and open the contact record associated with the email address you entered when you booked the appointment.

On that contact record you should see the appointment you created, and if you setup to have custom fields populated you will find the appointment details in those fields. And if you set a Campaign Goal to be triggered you will find that information on the “Campaigns” tab of the contact record.

My clients are being offered appointment times when I'm not really available.

Timetrade uses your personal calendar as the master calendar. Your personal calendar can be in Outlook, Mac iCal, or Google Calendar.

When Timetrade offers available timeslots to your clients it checks your personal calendar first to know what times you have available. Then when a timeslot is chosen and an appointment is set, Timetrade adds that appointment to your personal calendar.

TimeFusion takes that appointment created via Timetrade and installs it into your Infusionsoft calendar. TimeFusion does not sync your Infusionsoft calendar back to Timetrade or to your personal calendar.

Therefore, if you manually add an appointment in your Infusionsoft calendar that timeslot will not be seen as busy by Timetrade.  You must add appointments to your personal calendar if you want Timetrade to know that those timeslots are busy.

Also, if your personal calendar is Outlook or Mac iCal then you must also be using the Timetrade Connector app on your PC/Mac to make your personal calendar available to Timetrade. You can find the latest version of those apps using Google for “Timetrade Connector”.

TimeFusion isn't triggering the API Goal, or its not filling in the custom fields, or both.

This typically occurs when the Activity name (in TimeTrade) or Service name (in Full Slate) is named differently than the name you installed in the API Goal Call Name or the custom field Header name.

If you did not fill your API Goal Call Name and create your custom field Header name using copy & paste from Timetrade/Full Slate into Infusionsoft, then this is almost certainly your problem. Try using copy & paste to fill those values and see if that solves the problem.

And with Timetrade take special care to copy & paste from the Activity name that is provided with upper and lower case characters. In some places in Timetrade the Activity name is provided in all upper-case characters, but that is not a correct representation of the Activity name. Copy the name with both upper and lower case characters for pasting into your API Goal Call Name.

Of course, after your fill in the API Goal Call Name you will need to delete the non-alphanumeric characters before you can save the goal.

Lastly, remember that your API Goal Integration field must be one of these: Confirm, Cancel, Reschedule.

What do my customers see when they book an appointment?

They see the booking calendar presented by your scheduling service, either TimeTrade or Full Slate. Your customers never see anything related to TimeFusion because TimeFusion works completely behind the scene and has no visible interface except what you see in your TimeFusion account.

How do I create a link for rescheduling or cancelling an appointment?

Although that used to be possible, TimeTrade changed the design of their links and those links can no longer be automatically created.

I can't locate my account login and other setup details.

Use the form in the right-hand column of this page – enter the email address you used when you subscribed to TimeFusion. You will receive an email with your login and other information.

I received an email stating my API Key may be incorrect. What should I do?

Login to your TimeFusion account and go to this page: The API key on that page should match the Encrypted Key you find in your Infusionsoft account in the Admin->Settings>Application page. If it does not match then copy it to your clipboard from your Infusionsoft account and paste it into the field in your TimeFusion account and submit it. If it does match and the error email recurs, please contact This problem is sometimes due to problems in Infusionsoft and in that case usually goes away on its own.

I created an appointment directly in TimeTrade and it wasn't integrated to Infusionsoft.

When you create an appointment from within your TimeTrade account you must select the option to send a confirmation email.

Why isn't TimeFusion Unlimited triggering my API Goals in Infusionsoft?

The “Integration” and “Call Name” values in an API Goal in Infusionsoft are tricky. They can have only letters and numbers, and the capitalization matters. So, for example, for new appointments the Integration must be “Confirm”. “confirm” will not work because it’s not capitalized. For the Call Name I recommend you copy-paste the exact name from TimeTrade into the API Goal Call Name and then delete the spaces and non-alphanumeric characters.

Why isn't TimeFusion Unlimited filling my custom fields?

There are 2 separate rules you must follow to make this succeed:

  1. The custom fields must reside directly under a custom field HEADER that is named identically to the TimeTrade Activity (or Full Slate Service). So, you should ALWAYS copy the name from TimeTrade onto your clipboard and paste it into the editing field for the HEADER name. A small typo in the HEADER name will hide your fields from TimeFusion.
  2. The custom field names must each contain the keyword that identifies to TimeFusion what it is: Those keywords are ‘date’, ‘time’, ‘response’ and ‘apptid’.

Why is TimeTrade syncing with my desktop calendar but not with Infusionsoft?

Make sure you have configured TimeTrade to send appointment confirmation emails when an appointment is set or changed. TimeFusion uses those emails to trigger everything it does. In timetrade you can find that setting by selecting the Admin tab and then the Appointment Rules tab. Watch this how-to video on setting up TimeTrade to work with TimeFusion:

I can see the appointment on the contact record for the contact who requested the meeting, but I don't see it on my infusionsoft User calendar.

By default, TimeFusion places the appointment on the calendar for the contact and the calendar of the User who owns the contact. If you cannot see the appointment on your calendar then check the contact record to see if you are the User that owns the contact.

Will TimeFusion stop TimeTrade from syncing my appointments with Outlook?

No. The Outlook Connector from TimeTrade performs that function and operates independently from TimeFusion. However, you must update your Outlook Connector to use the new email address you were assigned.

If you are using Outlook, go to the Timetrade menu in the Outlook toolbar, click on “options”, add your email address and your Timetrade password to the fields to ensure the calendar will sync and TimeTrade will update.

I have more than one Activity configured in TimeTrade but I only want TimeFusion to know about one of them (for Messenger, Unlimited, Standard and Pro users only).

That’s OK. The appointments for your other Activities will still pass throughTimeFusion and TimeFusion will simply install the appointments in your Infusionsoft calendar and forward them to your registered email address. No actions will be taken with Goals or Custom Fields.

I think TimeFusion overlooked an appointment that should have been inserted into Infusionsoft.

There are a few reasons this may happen.

  • First check the status of your account to make sure it is being scanned and there are no error codes.
  • Second, for Standard and Pro users, make sure the Activity type name in TimeTrade exactly matches the string you configured in TimeFusion. For Unlimited users, make sure the Activity type name exactly matches the custom field Header name in Infusionsoft.
  • Third, have you changed the email address TimeTrade uses for you? If so you must change it back to the one you were assigned during TimeFusion setup.
  • Fourth, check the Owner IDs for the Contact Records associated with the missing appointments. If you are not the owner of the Contact Record then you will not see the appointment on your calendar.
  • Fifth, it is possible that TimeTrade has recently modified the format of their confirmation emails and we haven’t learned of it yet. If you believe that is the case please notify us at

If none of these suggestions get your problem resolved please try some tests to see if you can reproduce the problem. If you can then please notify us and provide as much detail as you can, including the date & time of the appointment and the Infusionsoft Contact ID or email address of the contact who made the appointment.

It seems that TimeFusion is triggering a goal for the incorrect Activity (for Standard, Pro, Unlimited and Messenger versions)

Check to make sure all of your Activity types configured in TimeFusion are unique. Then re-check the API goal and call name and integration names for each Activity’s goals.

I have a campaign that sends customers a reminder of our meeting, and some of my customers are getting incorrect times in those emails.

TimeTrade provides the useful feature of translating timezones between you and the person who has set an appointment. TimeTrade always installs appointments in your Mac/PC/Google calendar based on your timezone.

TimeFusion also installs the appointment into your Infusionsoft calendar referenced to your timezone.

In the case where TimeFusion installs the time for the appointment in a custom field for you it will also install it according to your timezone, so if you merge that custom field into an email to the customer, the customer will see that time referenced to your timezone. However, with TimeFusion Pro and Unlimited you have the option to have TimeFusion fill the custom field with the time in the customer’s timezone. That should be your preferred choice when you are merging the time field into an email to your customer. With that choice the reminder email to your customer will show the time in their timezone.

Click here to find those option settings in your management account. (Login Required)

I have a campaign that sends customers a reminder of our meeting, and some of my customers are getting incorrect dates in those emails.

TimeTrade provides the useful feature of translating timezones between you and the person who has set an appointment. TimeTrade always installs appointments in your Mac/PC/Google calendar based on your timezone. TimeTrade also sends an email confirmation to your attendee immediately when the appointment is booked, and that email specifies the date and time in your attendee’s timezone.

If the attendee for your appointment is many timezones away from you then not only will the appointment times be different between you and them, but the appointment date for you may also be different than the appointment date for them. For example, if you are in US Pacific Time and your attendee is in Sydney, Australia, then an appointment at 3:00 PM on July 28 your time will be at 8:00 AM on July 29 their time.

Therefore, note that the date TimeFusion fills into your custom date field will always be the date in your timezone. There is no alternative or workaround because TimeTrade does not send the date for your attendee to TimeFusion. However, you can configure TimeFusion to fill the custom time field with the time in your attendee’s timezone (see the previous FAQ). Click here to find those option settings in your management account. (Login Required)

If you merge the custom date field into an email sent to your attendee then attendees in distant timezones may see an incorrect date for the appointment, even though they see a correct time for the appointment (see the previous FAQ).

What to do? If you have attendees who are in distant timezones then you should not merge the date field into your reminder email, but you should still merge the time field into the email (see the previous FAQ). Schedule the email to be sent the day before the appointment at a time one hour later than the latest appointment you would ever schedule. For example if your workday ends at 5:00 PM and you sometimes accept appointments as late as 6:00 PM, then set the timer in your Infusionsoft campaign to send the reminder email at 7:00 PM your time on the day before the appointment. This approach will ensure your attendee receives an email reminder less than 24 hours before the appointment and the time specified will refer to the next occurrence of that time.

So, back to the example – you are in US Pacific time and your attendee is in Sydney. The appointment is at 3:00 PM your time. The reminder email to your attendee will say “upcoming at 8:00 AM” and will be sent at 7:00 PM your time and arrive about noon in Sydney, 20 hours before the meeting.

How do I create an appointment reminder email when the attendee is many timezones away from me?

Please refer to the previous FAQ for the response.

How do I configure the Timetrade Outlook connector?

If you are using Outlook, go to the Timetrade menu in the Outlook toolbar, click on “options”, add your email address and your Timetrade password to the fields to ensure the calendar will sync and TimeTrade will update.

Does TimeTrade work with Outlook 365?

No, Timetrade Professional and Workgroup do not sync to the web based calendar of Office 365.  What people have done instead is install Outlook on a PC and connect it to the Office 365 account, and then install the TimeTrade Outlook Connector on that PC.  That is not a great work-around but it’s the only solution unless you are willing to pay for the Timetrade Enterprise edition which does sync with Outlook 365.

When appointments are canceled they are not removed from my Infusionsoft calendar. Why?

When TimeFusion is notified of a cancellation it removes the appointment from the contact record. There are 2 exceptions:

  • If the appointment on the contact record has been modified in certain ways then TimeFusion cannot find it and is unable to remove it.
  • If TimeTrade does not send a confirmation of the Cancellation to you then TimeFusion isn’t notified and cannot remove it.

In the second case, if you are canceling from the appointment inbox in TimeTrade then you must check the box to have an appointment confirmation sent. Failure to do that will result in no confirmation being sent, and TimeFusion will not be informed of the cancellation.

How can I set up TT/TF/IS such that clients are able to make multiple bookings in my schedule? Currently when this happens my custom fields are overwritten by each appointment.

The challenge in this question goes beyond the issue of overwriting custom fields. Even if that were solved a problem would remain with how to design a campaign builder campaign that makes use of those custom fields for timers and email merging.

Instead, an approach that often works is to set up multiple Timetrade (or Full Slate) activities – for example: Coaching Session1, Coaching Session 2, Coaching Session 3, etc.

Then for each Activity you can set up a separate instance of custom header & fields, each with an associated campaign builder campaign.

I want to have multiple sales people with their own calendars and a single Infusionsoft campaign email with an appointment link to book a meeting with the relevant sales persons calendar

Here are steps to accomplish that:

  1. If each sales person has their own calendar than they each need to have a Timetrade account.
  2. You need a separate TimeFusion account for each Timetrade account.  It’s OK to have multiple TimeFusion accounts pointing to the same Infusionsoft account and using the same custom fields for appointment date and time. Make sure the Timetrade Activity is named identically in each of the Timetrade accounts.
  3. You need a system whereby your Contact records each have one of your sales people set as the owner
  4. You need to create a Timetrade appointment link for each sales person, and install that link in the “Website” field of their Infusionsoft User record
  5. In your Infusionsoft campaign you can use the Owner.Website merge field to merge the appointment link into an email sent to contacts requesting they book a meeting.


Full Slate

When I create a new appointment in FullSlate it is not adding the contact and showing up in Infusionsoft. (also true for Cancels)

Full Slate will not send email notifications when a User in your company creates the appointment – only when a customer creates an appointment.

Without the email notification there is no way for TimeFusion to do the integration. So, either your customer must create the appointment or you must act as if you are the customer to create it.

The same issue exists for cancelling an appointment.

GoToMeeting Integration FAQ

TimeFusion support for GoToMeeting has been deprecated and is no longer available.

TimeFusion Messenger FAQ

What is TimeFusion Messenger?

TimeFusion Messenger is a suite of SMS text messaging features available as part of TimeFusion. The features enable you to send SMS messages to your contacts using an email you create in Campaign Builder and send out from an automated campaign.

It also enables precise scheduling of the SMS message so that you can have the SMS sent a short time before an event. And it will allow you to personally engage when a Contact replies to an SMS sent from your automated campaigns.

I've discovered that some of my text messages are cut short, truncated in mid-sentence

This happens when a line-feed is typed into the Message: section.  A line-feed in the Message: content will cause the message to end at that point. You can allow your Message: content to wrap across multiple lines but you cannot type a line-feed into your Message:. See the next FAQ on how to break your Message: content across more than one line.

The instructions say I can't use the Enter key in a Message. Is there any other way to include a New Line in my Message?

Yes. If you want to split your message across more than one line you can type \n where you want the line to split. Note, that is a backward-slash and a lower-case n .

Can I use Email Broadcasts to send SMS messages to my Contacts?

No. Email Broadcasts can only be sent to an email address in the Contact Record, and your assigned email address for TimeFusion Messenger won’t be one of those. And, Broadcast messaging is not consistent with the purpose of TimeFusion Messenger.

Use TimeFusion Messenger for notifications and offers sent from your campaigns. When you build a campaign email to send an SMS via TimeFusion Messenger you bypass the Contact Record email addresses and use the “Other” option as the send to address, and that’s where you install your assigned email address for TimeFusion Messenger.

Can I send SMS messages to many Contacts at once (mass marketing)?

No. TimeFusion Messenger is intended for sending SMS messages to individual contacts in response to triggered events. For example, sending reminders in advance of appointments.

Do not use TimeFusion Messenger to send mass SMS messages to many contacts at once.

You should limit your SMS volume to no more than about 60 per hour.

I discovered a mysterious Contact Record in my Infusionsoft account - name is 'TextFusion DoNotDelete'. What is that?

(In some cases the name is ‘SmsFusion DoNotDelete). This Contact Record was installed to provide an “opt-in” status for your assigned TimeFusion Messenger email address. Infusionsoft will not allow you to send an email from a Campaign to an address that is not opted-in to receive email from you. So a Contact Record with your assigned email address is required. If you delete this contact record all future SMS messages will fail.

Can I set it up so the Text Messages appear to come from my phone?

That is not an option. The regulations concerning SMS messaging do not allow “masquerading” of the origination number. You must purchase a phone number at Twilio and use it as the originating number for your SMS messages.

What is Twilio?

Twilio is the service you use to deliver your SMS messages into the telecom network. Twilio has very competitive pricing and is a leader in telecom services.

Can my message recipients opt out of receiving text messages from me?

Yes. See this article from Twilio.

Your Twilio number is a “long code” number and Twilio will process replies that contain STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT. So, you may want to include a sentence at the end of your messages saying “Reply STOP to opt out”.

You could also establish an expectation with your customer before you send them text messages, and allow them to opt-out of receiving messages at that time. If someone opts out you could do one of the following:

  • Apply a tag indicating their opt out status, and always check that tag before sending them an SMS message.
  • Move their mobile number to a different phone number field, leaving their mobile number field blank.

Is there a way that if someone replies STOP to my SMS I can automatically tag them in Infusionsoft?

You can setup a Campaign Builder API Goal like this:
Integration:   OptOut
Call Name:   OptOut

When a STOP request is received from a number for a contact in your Infusionsoft account TimeFusion will trigger that goal and you can use the automation to apply a tag.

Can TimeFusion Messenger do Lead Capture?

Not in the sense normally intended when discussing SMS services. SmsFusion does not create an Infusionsoft Contact Record based on an inbound SMS message, and it does not have a capability for multi-step inbound message processing. If you need a large scale Lead Capture you should consider Call Loop, Social Fuse, or Fix Your Funnel.

How can I see if my SMS messages are actually being sent?

Your TimeFusion Messenger account provides a link to a page which lists the status of your most recent SMS messages. Find it by logging in to your TimeFusion account and go to this page:

Does it matter how phone numbers are formatted in my Contact Records?

Yes. You should always format your numbers to begin with a ‘+’ followed by the country code and then the number. Some examples:

  • +19525551212 is a valid North American number format
  • +447903556046 is a valid UK number format
  • +61428538908 is a valid Australia number format

Also, see this article from Twilio.

There is an exception allowed for North American numbers: If the phone number does not begin with a ‘+’ then it is assumed to be a North American number and TextFusion will reformat it internally into a valid North American format. For example, (952) 555-1212 will be reformatted to +19525551212.

Is there support for SMS outside of North America?

Yes! This support is based on the capabilities provided by Twilio.

Can I send an SMS outside of my country?

Yes, if Twilio supports it, and support is provided for North America, Australia, the UK and others. You must:

There are TimeFusion Messenger users in North America, Australia and the UK, and they have had success sending SMS messages to other international destinations.

Twilio requires phone numbers to be formatted according to International dialing formats (known as E.164) but my phone numbers in Infusionsoft are not formatted that way. What can I do?

Contact us. We can set you up with a script that will re-format your phone numbers to follow the E.164 format. You will call the script with an HTTP Post process in your Infusionsoft campaign.